Consulting Chief Financial Officer


Phone: 650-533-5300
Phone: 650-533-5300
Len Marsh
Chief Financial Officer
Helping Construction Companies Grow
Strategies for Performance

As your part-time CFO, I take a pragmatic and hands-on approach to help your construction company flourish.


  • How fast could you grow if cash flow was not an issue?
  • Suppose you had higher margins — would more money solve pesky problems?
  • If you didn't manage the back-office, you'd be free to grow the business how fast?
  • Would you prefer having me fix problems, resolve disputes, or negotiate a better deal?

Here are 6 ways I help your construction company flourish:

  • 1. Manage cash-flow
  • 2. Obtain financing
  • 3. Improve margins
  • 4. Raise bottom-line profit
  • 5. Ensure compliance
  • 6. Resolve Disputes
Strategies for Performance

Call me, and let's discuss the details of your needs.

...helping companies achieve sustainable growth.

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