Outsourced Accounting - Managed by a CFO

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"Imagine an alternative to hiring and managing a bookkeeper"

We do your accounting for you, so that you:

  • Focus on growing your business instead of hassling with accounting
  • Sleep better knowing your accounting is accurate and your administrative burden is covered

We do all of your accounting on-line, using cloud-based systems. You keep total control of your records plus 24/7 access. All work is under my supervision and I am your sole point of contact.

Our service is ideal for business owners that:

  • Have more than 10 employees
  • Run a challenging business operation
  • Experience occasional cash crisis
  • Value strategic and financial planning

As your CFO, I monitor your financial results and if I see financial problems looming, I will let you know right away. I will always have your back.

Here is what we do:


We provide weekly bookkeeping including preparing invoices, posting customer payments, monitoring AR, entering expenses for payment and preparing payroll. We monitor your cash and will let you know if we anticipate a cash shortfall so we can fix the problem in advance.

Administrative Compliance

We keep you in compliance. Our team will prepare responses to audit or information inquires, review insurance coverage, help complete application forms and draft responses to requests. We track renewals or filing deadlines so that you are never surprised.

Month-end close

We use QuickBooks On-line to sync your bank account, credit card and payroll system. We reconcile the bank and credit card accounts plus review all expenses to ensure accuracy. I’ll review the financial statements with you each month to explain trends, variances and point out opportunities. Imagine if you had better financial information, how fast could you grow?

Your Chief Financial Officer

As your Chief Financial Officer, I am your finance advisor. I can help you think though key decisions, plan for growth, and offer unbiased business advice. In addition, I can help resolve disputes, negotiate upon your behalf, interview key hires, and help draft offer letters.

If cash flow is an issue, I will forecast cash, help raise new financing, and discuss operational changes that might improve cash flow and raise profits.

My goal is to help you achieve sustainable growth with less hassle and stress. When you sleep better at night, I’ve done my job.

Call, text or email me to start a conversation about how I could help you.

(650) 533-5300,
or email: len@lenmarsh.com