Strategies to Improve Performance

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What if you had experienced help in the following areas?

1. Manage cash-flow issues:
    a. Improve the accounting and billing processes
    b. Implementing new software, technologies and processes
    c. Training for timely and accurate billing
    d. Managing, monitoring, and speed-up collection of receivables
    e. Create a cash-flow forecast
    f. Provide early-warning to avoid future cash crisis
    g. Assessing the need, amount, and cost/benefit for additional financing

2. Obtain cost-effective financing:
    a. Determine the best fit — terms, conditions, and cost
    b. Prepare a credible business plan
    c. Evaluate financing proposals
    d. Ensure the payback schedule is manageable (seasonal issues?)
    e. Provide due diligence materials and necessary documentation
    f. Manage closing through funding
    g. Ensure the owner/management team understands funding limits or covenants

3. Improve operating margins:
    a. Evaluate pricing
    b. Identify best market niches
    c. Identify better channels
    d. Find efficiencies and cost reductions
    e. Implement new processes, technology solutions

4. Raise bottom-line profits:
    a. Determine the right-size overhead
    b. Find cost reduction opportunities
    c. Improve marketing, advertising, social media outreach decisions
    d. Evaluate investment opportunities and expected returns

5. I keep you in compliance, so you don't have to:
    a. Install compliance tracking systems to ensure adherence
    b. Monitor renewal dates and deadlines
    c. Create early warning systems to advise management
    d. Outsource lien processes
    e. Review insurance coverages, employee benefits, leases, contracts

6. Resolve Disputes:
    a. Fix problems on behalf of owner
    b. Research options and alternatives
    c. Help recruit, interview, and select staff
    d. Negotiate settlements, major purchases
    e. Act as the owner's consigliere
    f. Provide strategic growth and advice
    g. Lead negotiations on major equipment purchases, acquisitions

With a part-time CFO at your side, would you have more fun, less stress, and sleep better at night?

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